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Horse race (Multiplayer)

If you wish to play Horse Race online you need to follow the following steps:

To play:

  • The enter button has to be clicked corresponding with the horse you have chosen.
  • The races your chosen horse is qualified to race for will be shown.<
  • The races are shown matching with their take-off times.
  • The races differ by type, distance, track, starting and entry fee (if it is not gratis).
  • The races have a start-up fee of 50c onwards and have a cash prize.
  • The ball should not fall into the final slot which is the 0 or 00.
  • The player may shortlist the race list or pick out something he likes. When the game is gratis then it would not be necessary to stress instead choose any race and enjoy playing it. As time progresses the player will be able to choose only winning races.
  • It is necessary for the player to route his race entry via the basket though the game is gratis.
  • The star means that the player’s basket is not empty.
  • The horse’s fitness up surges from 0% to 4% in every race.
  • The player’s race ticket would show ‘awaiting’ till the race shuts down for accepting entries 5 minutes before the race commences or even in case the race consists of a complete field of 14 runners. Then the player’s ticket will be accepted and his horse will be seen in the runners list.
  • The countdown for the race will then begin.
  • The player could view the race when it runs on the Race Track else he could spot his races either under My Race Results or the race history tab on the horse details page.
  • At your leisure and suitability the player could watch the race with one click.