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Casinogamedevelopers.com proudly presents world’s 3rd most popular game on a digital platform which has taken the world of card games by storm.


Users nowadays are indulging themselves on the internet than ever before. Internet games are one of the most popular resorts of people who are in search of spending their time online.


Online card games have always been one of the most favorites when it comes to the gazillion interacting game out there on the world wide web. Considering these huge possibilities Casinogamedevelopers.com has developed a one of kind rummy game that assures maximum user engagement and ROI (Return on Investment).


This online Rummy game platform we developed has the ability to considerably decrease the implementation time and is customizable in accordance with the needs of the purchaser.


This online Rummy game helps users to play various rummy games with ease. The objective of the game is to make combinations or sequences with users virtual cards. Those who win can earn either visual money or real money.


Apart from all these features, Casinogamedevelopers.com offers impeccable security for the games that we have designed and same as in the case of the Rummy games.


We follow a holistic way of user experience that offers users next level gaming experience both as a web app and as a mobile phone app. We cover all aspects of this webs design which includes, web design, web development, testing, and maintenance. With our comprehensive and reputed track history in online gaming industry, we have always managed to stand out from all our competitors


Features of the game


  • 24x7 support

  • Personalized player chat

  • Multiplayer options

  • Play as guest

  • Tournaments

  • virtual/real money

  • Player, affiliate, agent, user, and finance management

  • 3D graphics, realistic characters

  • PC and mobile phone compatibility

  • Designed to detect fraudulent activities so that rummy room, player information will be safeguarded

  • Live chat support

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Multiple rummy games

  • Scalable server support

  • All the information is supported by top-notch encryption algorithm

  • Flawless financial operations

  • Extensive access to operational, financial and administrative reports

  • Practice rooms and tables

  • Faster game play

Why choose us?


  • On-time delivery

    • Experienced and skilled game designers and programmers

      • Highly skilled executives for Impeccable customer and technical support

        • Affordable rate

          • Usage of high-end development and testing technologies

            • Robust and reliable platform

              • Payment system that is one of the most secure out there

                • Killer VFX

                  • Free demo