American Roulette (Multiplayer)

A multiplayer American Roulette is a casino game that requires five players. One criteria of joining a multiplayer table is that initially you have to start off witnessing the game without placing your bets, subsequently join as a player.

The game :

American Roulette is a wheel game consisting of 38 slots for the ball to land.

  • 1 to 36 slots are coloured black and red the 0 and 00 are coloured green.
  • A player can sort bets on the number, colour, odd or even value.
  • A countdown from 40 seconds is given to think and start on the bets.
  • The Multiplayer Roulette has a board exhibiting marks of the players.

To play :

  • The American Roulette board is coped by a croupier and an agent. T wheel is constantly revolving.
  • The player has to set-up their exclusively colored chip on the table.
  • The wheel has numbers 1-36 and includes a 0 and a 00 slot.
  • The agent spins a ball in the reverse path round a lopsided spherical path in succession, round the edge of the wheel.
  • The ball ultimately loses force and drops onto the wheel and into one of the 38 colored and numbered pouches on the wheel.
  • The ball should not fall into the final slot which is the 0 or 00.
  • The agent declares the bets then the player exhibits his stake on the table.
  • The winner is paid according to the inside or the outside pay-out.
  • Two chances are given to each player.


  • Select a chip, click on the left of the board to place your bet, then click again.
  • Surge your bet if necessary, each click entitles for a chip, increasing the stake.
  • To eliminate your bet click holding on to the CTRL key.
  • Subsequently click after choosing the X-chip option then DRAG it and DROP it down.
  • Take out the bets’ positioned by using the CLEAR button.
  • Resume playing by clicking ‘NEW GAME’
  • Replicate your bet by using REBET, this allows the player to use the previous stakes.