Andar Bahar Game Software

How To play :

This is a card game where the odds are 50/50, similar to flipping a coin and calling heads or tails. The dealer cuts a card from a standard pack of cards and it is left out on display. The dealer then begins to deal the rest of the pack in two columns, with one column starting on his left and the other column starting on his right. The aim of the game is to guess which column the same numbered card will reappear in. There is a slight advantage to bet in the column which the dealer starts first. A complete casino the size of a soap box can be set up and run anywhere in minutes.

Basic training takes 90 seconds max. The skills required to play this game are book keeping skills, mental math, public relations skills and knowledge of probability. In a casino, the game is played with a full deck. Each player makes an ante bet. The cards are shuffled and one player is offered the cut. That same player then declares “inside” or “outside” which is the spot he for that card. The other players bet against him.

The unique twist is the table felt has a menu where players having already made an ante wager can also bet inside or outside on any other cards of their choice. This helps eliminate the idea the game is rigged because all players get a chance to cut, and they can also bet either way on all the remaining cards. Players who make a profit for the deal pay a house commission.