Baccarat Game Software Development

Baccarat is one of the oldest game that has never lost its importance over the course of time. The game is usually played with two hands. One is the user and other is the banker. The Baccarat game that we developed is sophisticated yet easy to handle. Our Baccarat game software development team has successfully managed to crack all the difficulties that the game has and has managed to put forward frame that can guarantee maximum user experience.

Process involved :

  • Initial documentation of the concept
  • Game Design document
  • Project plan
  • Initial prototype
  • Art production
  • Programming audio production
  • Patches and updates
  • Full maintenance
  • Detailed customer service

Features of our PC games :

  • Guest/ User account
  • Finance management
  • Agent management
  • Virtual/real money
  • Extensive dashboard
  • Technical support