Double chance (Multiplayer)

How To play :

  • The person who wants to bet is allowed to bet generally on a sport team for winning or playing a draw match to ultimately win in case the team succeeds.
  • In case the team you have chosen loses the match, only then you lose your bet else you will be rewarded irrespective of the result.
  • The advantage of course is one gets to cover both the results which is a better option for winning.
  • Double Chance is specifically worthy for matches that you feel there is no winning for the opposite team however you are certain that they would end up in a draw.
  • The good thing is you still win if the above situation takes place.

Example :

In case the player wishes to bet on a match between Barcelona vs. Madrid in favour of Barcelona since he feels that they will walk out with the victory as they are in complete form, but nevertheless he may also feel that there is a great potential for a draw. In this case the player (the one who bets) gets the best of both!