European Roulette (Multiplayer)

In European Roulette multi player game, you have to predict where the ball will rest in the Roulette wheel that comprises 37 numbers. Numbers 1 to 36 will be colored red and black alternately. Zero will be colored in green.

How To play :

  • In multiplayer game, the table can have up to four players.
  • Click Join to start playing.
  • There will be idle players and spectators who can see the table for a limited number of rounds.
  • Click on a chip of desired value to choose it.
  • Minimum and maximum bet limits depends on your VIP level.
  • When bet is below the minimum limit, a message regarding insufficient bet will be displayed and the corresponding chips in the Roulette table will be highlighted thrice.
  • For detailed information on bet limits, hover or click on the limit signs showed on the table.
  • The color of the chips to be used depends on your seat and it will be indicated by the color of your name tag.
  • You can select another chip and click on the desired area to raise your bet amount.
  • You can keep multiple chips in different bett areas in the same time.
  • There is time limit to place the bets. A timer will alert showing the remaining time to place bets. Once a bet is placed, click on ‘Confirm Bets’ to confirm your bets. After confirmation, it cannot be removed from the table.
  • Additional bets can be placed if there is time after confirming bets. However, you need to click on ‘Confirm Bets’ again. Only confirmed bets participate in a game round and unconfirmed bets will be returned.
  • You can click ‘Clear Bets’ to remove all the chips you have not confirmed from the table. Click ‘Double’ will double your placed bets.
  • After a spin, click ‘Rebet’ to place the same bet placed during the previous spin. You should click ‘Confirm Bets’ again to confirm the bets.