Horse Race Live (Multiplayer)

Compete against other players with an exciting online horse game by selecting an avatar and a horse and getting started in an almost real-life live horse race. Challenge friends and other players irrespective of location, encourage your horse to win and earn cash, points and bonuses based on performance. This game features an attractive design, eye-catching animations and also includes a commentator’s voice describing the race as it unfolds.

How To play :

To play this game, place bets on who will win the race and also who will qualify for the second and third places respectively. It is also possible to place combined bets where you win only if all racers you have selected win. Cash out earnings or points at the end of each race or carry over earnings for higher bets on the next race. Each live race takes place every few minutes so you never run out of chances to play this addictive casino game. Straight bets are the most popular bets and start off low. You can either collect the Win payoff, the Place payoff, or the Show payoff, depending on the type of bet made. Across the board payoffs combine Win, Place and Show and cost more.

While playing horse race live, there is a countdown timer with special sound effects as the timer is about to expire. There are unlimited table seats, so you can play against countless players at the same time. A complex bet panel includes fabulous wins, especially for combined bets. Additionally, there is a jackpot given out every few rounds, and this is clearly visible on the on-screen animation. You can zoom in to view the jockeys close up and watch pictures taken of the podium to see whether you have won at the end of each race. Ever race carries multiplier rewards that may be withdrawn or carried over to the next race.