Horse race (Single Player)

The player both owns and trains his horse to play this game of Horse Race (Single player). The game system assigns a jockey to the player for participating in the race. It’s not mandatory for the player to play the game online however it is a thrilling experience to view the live show and applaud on its win.

How To play :

  • The trainer can train his horse to his best ability for that he has to first click the TRAIN button in line with his horse.
  • The player has to pick the training run choices which comprises of track, distance and the condition of the track itself.
  • Initially the player has to opt for the ‘All’ default button. This guarantees every sequential run advances over the length which could be equated in future by the player.
  • The player’s chief goal would be to ensure the horse is almost cent percent fit to race excellently in the game.
  • The training achievement of the horse is calculated in the form of lengths.
  • The trainer wold be in a better position to understand the training grades and lengths as he improves his training skills.
  • The common law is - more your horse exhausts the training, better the result.
  • The significant thing to observe is lengthier the training distance better the lengths advantage over the training horse.
  • Through experience the player would be able to gauge and set the necessary boundary between each horse to have the best race possible.
  • The player’s first horse is ready for the race, except if it is over trained so to reach- “over the top” then automatically its ability regresses by half and the training process needs to be repeated.
  • During the training runs the horses may be allowed to run thrice in a day.
  • When the player purchases his new horse from the Sales Ring he can train it up to 90%.

There are many items that could improve a horse’s achievement however binders have an adverse influence on many horses, hence they should be ignored initially.