Jokers Wild Video Poker

Jokers Wild is an exceptionally diverse game played with a 53-card deck, the general 52-card deck along with a joker. The joker is a trump card and any card can be replaced by it. The joker upsurges the players winning capacity. The ratio of having the joker at play is one in ten hands and it is not a must to play the game.

How To play :

  • First a bet, the ante, is decided upon before the video game distributes the cards.
  • Higher the ante better the pay-out and better chances for a winning hand.
  • Then a card is chosen as a wild card and the distribution takes place.
  • In this game five cards, face up are distributed to the players.
  • The player has to retain the joker if he has been distributed with it.
  • The joker is an integral part of the grouping necessary for the game.
  • The purpose in this game is to retain the top cards for concluding a win.
  • The player should let go of the unnecessary cards. This is done by clicking the "Hold" button seen beneath every card.
  • The player clicks the ‘ALL’ button if he wishes to retain the cards and then clicks on the "Deal" button.
  • The cards discarded by the player will be replenished every time.
  • In case of more than one winner the highest card held by the two players is considered to declare the winner.