Keno is similar to Bingo, this game was devised in China in the course of the Han Dynasty and made its entry to the States in the 2000 era and today it is widespread. The rules are straight forward and extremely easy to learn and play. The players guess the numbers to be drawn, haphazardly, and if it coincides then the get paid for it.

How To play :

  • Keno online is played by striking off the numbers one aspires to bet by clicking "Play".
  • Keno is played using a card which runs from 1 to 80 organised in 8 rows of 10 each.
  • The players strike off any of the numbers from 1 to 20 on their Keno card.
  • Each gaming house sets its own limit of these striking numbers, for eg.1-10, 1-12 or even 1-15 etc. per card.
  • The staking numbers are selected by every player and they will be rewarded when these numbers coincide.
  • After the card is striked off completely it should be surrendered beforehand.
  • The lots are drawn after all the participants have stricken off their Keno Cards.
  • The Keno game on some sites are totally free without any registration amount.
  • On the internet the Keno numbers are generally drawn haphazardly using unsystematic number generator software.
  • 20 haphazard numbers anywhere from 1 to 80 will be drawn at a time.
  • After all the numbers are drawn the surrendered Keno cards are tested and the champions are declared and rewarded.

Tip on how to play Keno :

  • Keno is primarily an amusing sweepstake game so familiarize with the players as you play along so you could appreciate both good game and the amazing company which could lead you to winning off the bonanza!