More Casino Games for this Lockdown

More Casino Games for this Lockdown

A noticeable progress in the number of people showing interest towards Online Casino Games was clearly visible after the blog on Online Casino Games During Lockdown. So today we can check out some more games which are also popular among the Casino game players. Before moving on, make sure you have gone through the previous part of this blog.

Now let's see the second set of games which also creates the same level of excitement for a real and enthusiastic casino player.


The game Blackjack is very popular among the Casino game lovers because of the thrilling experience it delivers on play. The concept lies in forming a total value of ‘21’ with face cards that are counted as 10 and numbered cards possessing their own value. Ace is counted as either 1 or 11 accordingly in the game. The player with value 21 or its close wins the game. If the value goes beyond 21 then the player is busted. Blackjack or the game ‘21’ creates an anticipation among the players making it one of the classic casino games ever.


Now this game is very easy to learn so you can enjoy the game without putting any effort. In this game you can bet on three possibilities, like Player wins, Bankers wins and Tie. The ace has value 1, numbered cards have their own values and face cards have value as ‘zero’. Two cards are dealt for player and banker and the values are added to consider the score. If the total score goes above a single digit number then only the value on units place is considered. The best score is 9 and the worst score is 'zero'.

Teen Patti

This game originated in the Indian market inspired from the game three card brag. It is an interesting game but first you need to understand the ranking orders. The highest ranking order is ‘trail or set’ followed by ‘pure sequence’, ‘sequence’, ‘colour’, ‘pair’ and ‘high card’. Each player is dealt with 3 cards and has the privilege to play a seen or blind play. There are certain rules regarding the game like a player ‘slide show’ which you can easily understand while playing. The hand with the best ranking order wins the game. It is easy to learn but it takes years to get thorough with the psychology of the game.

Andar Bahar

It is another casino game from Indian market which is also known as ‘Katti’.In this game, all the players play against the dealer, where the dealer first takes a card out which is known as ‘Joker of the game’. All the players can now make their bets, either on side ‘Andar’ or side ‘Bahar’. The dealer will then take two cards and keep one on either side. The players can again place their bets according to their choice. The dealer will then start keeping cards open on either side one after another until any of the side gets a card similar to the joker card which is kept on the centre. The players who have bet on the winning side get double the amount and the other players lose their bet amount.

So if you are in a mind to explore new casino games, the above mentioned games are highly recommended for you. Those who are not familiar with casino games can also start playing with these games as they are just hard to master but easy to learn.

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