Online Casino Games During Lockdown

Online Casino Games During Lockdown

On the way back, we could only see AAA games getting noticed among the gaming communities. They were the only ones generating popularity as well as high values. All other game categories were limited to a small range of users. But now things have changed a lot. Games of other genres like online casino, puzzle, brain, education etc, are also showing up in the market with a huge impact. People have now got a mindset to explore other game categories which eventually they find very interesting.

Online Casino game category is such a space which is only dealt by people who have enough knowledge regarding its gameplay and functionality. Others consider it as a tough as well as a boring place to step on and explore. But Trust Me, once you enter the world of online casino gaming you will never think of taking a step back. It has got every single element which a player expects to provide him for complete game engagement.

The lack of familiarity with casino games make people reluctant to check out this category. So as a solution, I have selected some popular casino games which will definitely help you to build an interest in this field.


The Poker game itself has got different variants which make this the leading one in this category. The list of popular poker games includes Texas Hold'em, Razz, Chinese Poker, 5 Card draw, 7 card stud etc. It is pointless to play Poker without knowing them as it includes winning events like Royal Flush, Straight flush, four of a kind etc. The game is played with Player cards and the community cards. Texas Hold’em would be the best option for a beginner point of view.


The next game which comes in the list is Roulette because of its popularity and ease of play. The game has a spin wheel with 37 squares with numbers including 0 written on red and black colours. For a round to begin, a ball is released and the dealer permits a limited time for betting.You can bet on events like odd or even, red or black, range of numbers etc. There are low to high profit bets involved in this game, which makes the game super interesting


The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players to maximum of 8 players at a time. It is a skill based game so you have to closely understand its rules to master the game. You have to make two groups; one is a SET and the other one is RUN. For an eight player game, it needs two decks of 52 cards for the play. Each card has a value in the game so based on that the final score of each player will be calculated.


It is a game based on luck and chance so you have to understand different game strategies to make a win. You have to choose different numbers for playing each round of the Keno game. It is best advised to choose four to eight numbers for increasing your chances to win. Another preferred option would be placing relatively smaller bets, which allows you to play more rounds. Using the idea of probability you can master this game in a very short time.

There are some more online casino games which have to be introduced but to keep it short I will wind up with the above four games. All of these games are widely popular and have huge community support. These games let you enter a different world of international gaming rather than general Action or Adventure based games. You can set up your own casino game by partnering with us. We have experienced developers to provide a real time casino experience to its users. So to make a deal, contact us any time.