Planet Rummy

One of the best rummy game in playstore with the options to play points rummy, 101 & 201 pool rummy and bestof2 & bestof3. Make your way through our Planet Rummy and play against opponents from all over the world.

How To play :

  • Incase, a player does not begin playing during the initial 45 seconds allotted to him, he would be given 15 seconds extra. But if he still fails to play then his cards would be auto dropped and he will get 20 or 25 points depending on the Rummy game he is playing.
  • In case a player becomes inactive after drawing a card at his first turn, the auto play mode would get activated and the system will play for max 20 turns on his behalf.
  • Incase a player has formed a sequence or set before becoming inactive then the last cards grouped by him would be shown during Meld.
  • If he hasn't formed a sequence then his score would be equivalent to the sum of all his card points. The maximum points he can get are 80.