Single Player Game Development

Casino game developers are experts in making the world class online single player games. Such games created in our lab are as follows :

Roulette :

This is a simple funny classic Online Casino Game. You don't need to rack your brain a lot to win in this. Here players can choose a single number or even a range of umbers. All you need to do is to place your bet and click to start the game. It is one among the pioneer casino game that has been adapted for online casino games.

Sic bo:

It is an ancient Chinese enthralling game. You can entertain yourself with limited losses in this game. This three dice game gives you two strategies to play-either low bet or high bet games. This game is indeed a game of chance. You will have to predict the roll of the dice.

Slot machines:

Here you can find different versions of slot game for entertainment. You can have the excitement and adventure of various games here. Try your fortunes today in these enchanting games packed with fun and entertainment. Test your skills in these slot machines.

Video poker:

This is an exciting game widely played around the world. A virtual console will be shown on the screen and it could be accessed by mouse clicked.

Black Jack:

Paying online Black Jack is a variety experience. This online game practices the players to play well in the real money games in live casinos. It adds more to the gaming knowledge of the gamer. As in the live Poker game, here also the main objective is to beat the dealer without losing the game.


This is an ancient Italian card game. This is a very unique game that teaches the players to learn the skill to play. This game has some specific rules. It is a fast and funny game suitable for all type of casino game players.