Slots Machine

Playing slots is always thrilling. In online slots, all you need to do is to click a button, so that the reels spin. Test your skills and enjoy the unique experience of hitting the jackpot with our slot machines.

How To play :

  • Online slot machines have five reels. They have various possible winning lines. It varies from 9 to 30 different lines for each slot and are known as Pay Lines
  • With every spin, you have as much chance as the number of Pay Lines.
  • The Pay Lines run straight, diagonal or zigzag the reels. If you get any of these Pay Lines, you will win. The winning streak can be anywhere along the Pay Line.
  • The matching symbols are not required to be next to each other on in any specific place along the Pay Line.
  • Before each spin, the user should decide on how many lines to bet and coins will be based on that.
  • The more the Pay Lines you bet on, the higher is the amount you spend on each spin.
  • You can change your bet parameters between spins, i.e., you can increase or decrease the number of Pay Lines.
  • Newbies are advised to change their bet parameters throughout the game.