Teen patti (Multiplayer)

Teen Patti alias Indian Poker/flash /flush or 3 Card Brag is a very sought after card game that integrates equally the basic talent and good fortune. The reasonable arrangement of the game clubbed with the possibility of bluffing, brands this game as a great and thrilling one! The purpose of the game is to obtain the greatest 3-cards on hand and to make the most afore the showdown. No need to register on the playing sites click the cursor and start the game.

How To play :

  • The dealer is chosen erratically and cards are given out in a circular manner turn wise.
  • The player can bid an extra bet on the table to continue, else, bet nil and fold.
  • All are served with three cards each and the booty is routinely cut from the players and is contributed to the pot initially itself.
  • Pot is the assemblage of cash in the middle of the table.
  • The players are given the choice to either examine the cards on hand in advance or to place their cards flat on the table ‘playing blind’.
  • Blind players can click “see” to examine their cards at any given point of the game.
  • If the player examines his cards at any given point then he is not considered as a ‘blind player’ carrying forward.
  • The sum one wishes to bid at his turn, to continue with the game, is firstly, subject to the existing stake, secondly, if he wishes to play blind or not.
  • The game always starts with the existing stake as the minimum bet and the existing stake is always the bet positioned by the previous player.
  • In case you are a ‘blind player’ (one not seen his cards at all), but the previous player has already examined his cards then it is imperative for you to bet either half or the full of the existing stake.
  • The wagering carries on this way till such time all the players excluding one, fold the cards.
  • The last player gains all the cash in the pot, regardless of the cards he holds, provided his cards are not visible to the others.
  • All, excluding two players fold, out of which one of them pays for a show then the cards of the two players are uncovered and equated declaring the winner as the one with the best cards on hand. However in the case of both the players having similar cards the player who didn’t ask for declaring the show, wins.