Thripple chance (Single Player)

Gamesters watch out for a game to win big time! As they are ready to risk they become rich overnight. Triple Chance is a game that allows players to carry away a booty three times more!

How To play :

  • This Single Player Triple Chance game allows the player to play alone where the system gives the numbers.
  • To commence the game the player has to choose the opening bet.
  • The three rollers comprise 1 to 13 numbers.
  • The player decides the numbers he wishes to forecast on.
  • The player gets three chances of enhancing his win at every stage of the game!
  • The player needs to decide on the win initially itself.
  • He has to forecast the forthcoming number, after the scuffle, if it would be greater or lesser than the exhibited card.
  • In other words the player needs to foretell if the spinning reel would park on the number greater or lesser than the number formerly showed on that reel.
  • The probabilities point out if the win would be meant for a High or a Low bet.
  • Once the player sets his bet he can click the Go button.
  • Next the Shuffle button has to be clicked so as to rotate the cards for fresh numbers
  • On guessing correctly the player is entitled for the matching cash prize.
  • The player can either bet on one or the three numbers on the panel.
  • Staking on the probabilities is dangerous but could be lucrative.
  • The player has an option of up surging the wins by hoarding it in the Cash Pot but it is risky, all the money in the pot will be lost in case he doesn’t win the game.
  • If the forecast of the player continue to be right then the game round lasts, the reward multiplies, and of course the enthusiasm lasts!

The instructions of this Triple Chance game is clear and forthright. The advantage of this game is that the player can device his playing methods which is appealing!