Virtual Reality

VR Gaming (Virtual Reality)

VR Gaming industry is expected to have a big impact on gaming industry. They already have to be frank. It is expected that VR market for gaming will have a steep rise and is expected to do business around 110 Billion USD.

The money is huge and is an implication that it will be applied on wide range of games. Oculus owned by Facebook and Valve Corporations Steam Digital Platform are already trying to launch various games which can be played with the help of Oculus head gear RIFT.

The reason Oculus has been mentioned is because, there is huge chance that Casino games might be released in 2018 which can integrated with gears like Oculus which will change the gaming experience for people once and for all. Imagine that you are in the middle of a real life poker room being treated as a VIP and you are playing online either with the machine itself or with others whom you don’t know. In short, you will feel like you are playing the real game.